Funny Spelling Mistakes

March 3rd, 2011 Posted in Uncategorized

Spelling seems to be something that so many people take for granted. But when words are misspelled they can be a cause for misunderstanding and can also be quite amusing. When writing anything from a note to a friend, a homework assignment, something online in a social networking site, or a manuscript for a book, one must be aware of the correct spelling of their words. Resources are always available on the internet to spell check your work. Internet spell check is an easy way to ensure correct results on words that we find difficult to spell. Many word processing programs even come equipped with spellchecker built right into the program.

The following spelling mistakes appeared on billboards and elsewhere in print for all to see. It is obvious that whoever did this work never heard of spellchecker or has a clue that spell check is available for free. Internet spell check is a wonderful resource even if you are not posting your work on the internet. A sign painter or someone putting lettering on a billboard can utilize this resource to check spelling and make sure their work is without errors.

One of the funniest examples of misspelling is the person who painted the word SCHOOL in giant white letters in the street to warn drivers to drive slowly and watch out for children. Too bad he spelled it SHCOOL. Maybe he should go back to school to learn to spell.

A warning sign was posted on a highway reading; DONT’T DRINK AND DRIVE. (Wonder who was drinking what, when this sign was made.)

From a high school a paper was sent home to clarify instructions for parents. The directions read: you will be asked to SING to acknowledge that you have seen the document. The word should have been SIGN, but I wonder how many parents came into school singing?

A sign posted in a busy area to attract attention of possible consumers: East Coast WARTERPROOFING We Fix Leaky Basements. Do they also prevent WARTS?

A clothing store for large women named BIG n PRITTY was shown with another sign under the name CLOSING DOWN. Maybe to go get a spelling lesson!

Large sign announcing a HOLIDAY BIZARRE would be forthcoming in November. Word should have been BAZAAR unless something bizarre is going to happen there in November.

A sign reading FOR SALE BY OWNER had written below BUSSINESS for sale and a phone number. Would you buy this business? If he was the sign painter who made some of these signs, we can understand why his business failed.

A chalkboard sign in front of a restaurant: HOM MADE LASAGNE SERVED WITH CHIPS $4.95. Whose HOME was the LASAGNA made in? Will they have alphabet soup tomorrow?

So I hope you enjoyed these funny typos and misspellings, I know you would not be amused if you were the one who made these mistakes, so be careful and find a spell check that works for you.